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Financial Indicators - Mon, 19 April 2021 19:00:03 EST

This table was inspired by the monthly status reports presented at the CIMI Group meetings by Al Zmyslowski. It is updated every 5 minutes M-F during market hours. Sort a particular column by clicking on its header.
Here are Don Maurer's current Timer Definitions and a Theory of Operation describing this page for anyone who wants to add some code (testing here).

Author Module Elapsed Time Technical Indicator Type Last Month This Month Comment
Don I5MGain 0.036 secs 5M Gain Monthly Market Timer (22.24%) (16.82%) SPY 5M Gain > BIL 5M Gain
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S07 SMAGrp6_9m(SPY) Market Timer 369.56 376.02
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S01 AbsMom5(SPY,^IRX) Market Timer 21.32% 15.94%
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs MA_40_170 Market Timer Buy( 7.20%)
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs EMA_50_200 Market Timer Buy( 8.72%)
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S04 DEMA50(^GSPC,22,0.6% offset) Market Timer 8.43% 11.72%
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S12 FundXAnn(SPY), FundX Annualized Market Timer 7.86% 10.45%
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S13 FundXAcc(SPY) FundX Accelerated Market Timer 9.49% 12.02%
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S05 SMA210(SPY) Market Timer 12.54% 16.06%
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S03 AbsMom12(SPY,^IRX) Market Timer 53.75% 44.84%
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs 63d Volatility Market Timer (0.96%/1.00x)
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs absMom_5mo Market Timer Buy( 15.55%/ 0.01%)
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S15 FundXd(SPY), using days back 1*21 days Market Timer 10.88% 13.21%
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S08 EMA210(SPY) Market Timer 39.69 52.76
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S16 FundXAnnd(SPY), FundX Annualized Market Timer 20.56% 20.23%
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs AbsMom_FundX Market Timer Buy( 90.68%/ 0.03%)
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S20 Fx244d(SPY) Ren's SWAG Market Timer 10.88% 13.21%
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs AbsMom_12Mo Market Timer Buy( 45.23%/ 0.02%)
Gilbert indicators 0.184 secs SMA_10M Market Timer Buy( 14.22%)
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S02 AbsMom5_1(SPY,^IRX) Market Timer False False
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S09 EMA_X50_200 Golden Cross Market Timer 28.33 31.74
Don S1_S30 0.142 secs S06 SMA_X50_200(SPY) Golden Cross Market Timer 33.44 34.47