Angel Investing:
Where is your company?

Are you just starting?

If you want to keep as much of your company for yourself as possible, it is helpful to plan early and develop a "company formation process" that keeps you on track. I used Harvey Wagner's insights (1 2) to create Calico, a company I funded with $2K in 1994 and worth $2B when I left in 2000.

Other resources are here.

Have you visited a VC?

 Venture Capital constantly changes.  The reason is no mystery.  As Gurley explains, VC returns are best modeled as a multiplier on market returns.  When the market goes up, VC funds are great (by factors!), when the market goes down, VC returns stink (by the same factors!).  Sequoia's October 21, 2008 presentation provides a good overview of VC reaction when things stink.  When the market goes up, VCs come back.  If you contact me now, my first question will be "Which VCs did you present to, and what did they say?".

Do you want funding?

If you still want me to help fund your business, please be prepared to go over my "Pitch Checklist" points when you call the number listed on my business card.

But before you go, let me give you something.  I've put together several companies, and inevitably, there are low points.  Whenever I hit one, I read this (I started in the oil patch).  It comes from this book, which, though out of print, can still be bought used.  If the story doesn't cheer you up, you are probably in the wrong line of work.