Bill Paseman

Angel Investing

I've been in Silicon Valley since 1980. The Angel Investing section lists some of the resources I have used to reach my corporate and financial goals, as well as what I expect from the teams I invest in.

Quantitative Finance

I have corresponded since 1978 with Hellmut D. Scholtz about subjects ranging from Ed Thorpe's game and portfolio theories to quantitative finance. Recently, I wrote software models and translated a paper discussing one of his latest ideas: improving portfolio performance within the framework of Modern Portfolio Theory by extending the central equation in the Single-index Asset Pricing Model: Ri = αi + βi Rm + εi. The Quantitative Finance section discusses issues in this area and lists some resources.

Medical Research

I have mentored both Sabrina Paseman and Katherine Paseman's research in non-invasive blood analysis, which ranged from lab bench testing of blood fluorescence to extending the light absorption and scattering equations of Samsung and Steinke and Shepard. Later, Charlie Conklin and I addressed issues that arose while utilizing an Arduino microprocessor as a medical device platform. The Medical Research section indexes this work.